Farm to School BC – Capital Regional Hub Spring Blog 2019


by Aaren Topley

Spring is just around the corner and many schools are waking up their garden beds from their cold winter slumber. In the Capital Region we are lucky enough to be hosting the National Farm to School Conference this spring. With many teachers from across the country and our region attending we will be focusing on energy on this event. This means that we won’t be hosting a Professional Development Day workshop this spring. We are planning to co-host a ProD Day in the fall 2019 with LifeCycles Project Society and are in the middle of planning a 2 days professional development workshop for spring 2020. Stay tuned to learn more!



Spectrum School, Esquimalt High and Shoreline Middle have begun to prepare their Indigenous plant gardens. Planting of the gardens will occur in April. The Harvest4Knowledge signs are also being designed. There will be one larger sign built for schools which talks about meadow ecosystems and then there will be an interpretive signs for individual plants. We are hoping to have the sighs ready by the end of the school year!

LifeCycles Project Society:

LifeCycles Projecty Society is offering their Growing Schools Elementary Program which delivers hands-on learning workingshops that link to curriculum. This programs brings learning alive and transforms your schoolyard or garden into an outdoor classroom. Click here to learn more:


Spring Celebration: On Monday, May 6th we joining the Spring Celebration with a Harvest4Knowledge Celebration. Join us at Esquimalt High School from 3:30pm to 6pm to share some good food, stories and network with farm to school program movers and shakers from across the region.

Pro-D Day: On April 12th , Sooke School District is hosting a professional development day. This day will explore healthy local food systems by connecting food, gardens and indigenous learning. Registration closes April 5th. Register today!

Esquimalt High School Indigenous Garden Building