Three Farm to School Core Elements

Go Grants (Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation)


The focus of GO Grants is to help get students outdoors learning and participating in hands-on experiences in nature. Field trip grant applications are available to K-12 classes and schools in BC.

Grant Criteria

The key criteria for GO Grants trips or projects are:

  • conducted outdoors in a nature setting;
  • focused on learning about BC’s fish, wildlife, habitats or biodiversity;
  • linked to curriculum;
  • hands-on or experiential for students; and
  • planned to include before and after extensions to the trip or project.

Grant Amounts

The maximum amount a single class can apply for is $600. For requests for multiple classes, school and or district applications, the maximum amount that can be requested is $3500.

Grant Eligible Items

  • transportation (bus, boat, mileage etc);
  • outdoor field trip equipment (e.g: dip nets, pH meter, butterfly nets, magnifiers, field guides etc.)or habitat stewardship project materials (e.g: nest box supplies, native plants, student gloves for planting); and or
  • outdoor field trip leader,secondary teacher on call and program fees(e.g: Biologist, conservation group fee for outdoor program etc.).

Successful Grant Requirements

GO Grants that are awarded will need to:

  • submit a field trip report;
  • field trip photo(s);
  • complete an online post evaluation; and
  • submit a school or school district invoice (using the invoice template) with receipts by July 15th for Spring grants or by March 31st for Fall/Winter grants.

All grants are distributed after the completion of the field trip and with the submission of an invoice and receipts.

GO Grants Overview

Connection to Farm to School

Honda Canada Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing

Region: Canada wide

Funding Available: $1M dispersed annually (grant amounts unspecified)

Enabling the realization of dreams. We support people and organizations that focus on our four pillars: Family, Environment, Engineering, and Education. This allows us to make a contribution to Canadians everywhere.

Connection to Farm to School

Schools could create a project proposal that connects both the Environment and Education pillars (or one or the other), focusing on supporting the development of sustainable regional food systems (Environment pillar) and/or in the area of the Hands-on Learning core element of Farm to School (Education pillar) focusing on school gardens, creation of composting systems, food skills development, etc. The scope of these grants appear to be fairly wide, so perhaps infrastructure or equipment for food service could also be included as it relates to food literacy education.

Link to Application

McCreary Youth Action Grants

Deadline: Ongoing

Region: Province wide

Funding Available: Up to $500 per youth-led project

The Youth Action Grants are a project of the McCreary Youth Advisory & Action Council. The Youth Action Grants were created to provide BC youth (ages 12-19) from school districts that participated in the 2013 BC Adolescent Health Survey, the opportunity to deliver a project which aims to improve youth health in their school or community.

Connection to Farm to School

Link to Application