Start-up Grant Series

In the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school year, a series of schools who received Farm to School BC Start-Up Grants were asked to write a short story describing their process to date in building their Farm to School programs. The stories below are a reflection of the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of schools across the province in building Farm to School programs that work for their school and their community. No one size fits all, enjoy!

Rockheights Salad Garden

Rockheights Middle School, located in the Township of Esquimalt is a school with 214 students, 54% of whom are considered at risk in the vulnerability index. For the specific garden project, 30 students are directly involved. These students are primarily in grade six but we also have a contingent of grade seven and eight students […]

Crunch, Munch and Learn a Bunch: A Story of Taking Back the High School Snack

Comparing kale chip flavours

Cultivating healthy eating and ecological stewardship may require much more than good snacks- but they are certainly a decent starting point. With our Farm to School BC grant, we are transforming a part of the school food landscape by empowering students to produce, market and sell preserved fruits and vegetables. During the initial months of implementation, we have […]

Growing Together-Ucluelet Elementary School

Growing Together: Ucluelet Elementary School Garden There is only one way to describe our first year in the garden, ‘Growing Like a Weed!’ Through a collaborative approach our school garden grew tremendously.  Starting with a 320 square foot greenhouse, in less than a year it grew to a 7200 foot garden enclosure.  Our school garden […]

Which Came First the Chicken or the Farmstand?

Poultry Farming

Our Farm to School program has been extremely successful. Students have been truly empowered by learning about soil, composting, preparing garden beds, planting seeds, watering, caring for plants and harvesting food.  We offered a Harvest Lunch twice this year. Students, as well as staff and many parents prepared food sourced from our partner farm, North End […]

Growing Community

Sardis Secondary School Farm

Sardis Secondary School Farm – Growing Community   The Sardis Secondary School Farm (SSSFarm) is a 5-acre extension of our School’s Agriculture Program at Sardis Secondary School, Chilliwack, BC. During the 2014-2015 school year 100 students were involved in our new program. In the fall, students planted 2000 bulbs on the farm for our beautiful […]

Learning to Grow; Growing to Learn


Diane Smith – Principal, Parkland Elementary and Christine Piltz, Community Lead Accomplishments: The installation of an incubator/starter school-community garden was a great success. Both students and community were able to experience hands on learning with seed starting indoors, transplanting to the garden and harvesting throughout the summer and into the Fall of 2015. In particular, lots […]