Kamloops Pro D – Stories from the Field

Food Literacy 101: Walking Tour

Pro-D. Tour of Kamloops Food Bank, The Butler Urban Farm, Mt Paul Community Food Centre, and The Stir food hub.

We are sharing stories from the field, harvested by our Community Animators meeting with passionate school food advocates across BC. 


Kamloops Region
Community Animator: Sonya Rokosh

Contact: sonya.rokosh@nullfarmtoschoolbc.ca 
School Districts: 73, 83



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Story from the Field

🍏 On October 20th, to pass the regional Pro-D, teachers gathered with their community animator, Sonya Rokosh, to participate in a “Food Literacy 101” walking tour of services and partners on the North Shore of Kamloops, BC.

👏 The day started with a tour and visit to the Kamloops Food Bank – since 2007, they have diverted 21,700,000 lbs of food from the landfill! Thank you! The programs they run are indispensable to our community of Kamloops.

🥬 Next, we stopped by The Butler Urban Farm for some sensory exploration. Participants engaged in an optional art practice while harvesting potatoes, herbs, greens, and peppers for our lunch.

🍕 Mt Paul Community Food Centre was next on the journey, where Dawn gave educators a tour of the dynamic facility. Sonya and others started to prep food for our sourdough pizza lunch! All lunch foods were harvested that day, donated by one of our partners, or procured from a local kitchen.

🤝 Our pizza was served at our last stop, The Stir food hub, a Kamloops Food Policy Council-supported initiative. They offer accessible commercial kitchen space to local small entrepreneurs, house the biggest freezers in Kamloops to support the distribution and storage of BC’s River Select Fisheries Cooperative, AND have a backyard courtyard that overlooks the river that can host events and gatherings at an exceptionally reasonable price.