Vision, Mission & Goals

Farm to School BC Vision

Healthy, local and sustainable food on the plates and minds of all students in BC.

Farm to School BC Mission

Working with communities and partners, Farm to School BC seeks to empower and support schools in building comprehensive Farm to School programs that support vibrant, sustainable, regional food systems, develop student food literacy and enhance school and community connectedness.

Farm to School BC Goals

  1. Support the development of sustainable regional food systems in BC by bringing more healthy, local, and sustainable food into BC schools.
  2. Promote healthy eating in schools by increasing access to healthy food and encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption.
  3. Advance experiential, hands-on learning opportunities related to food systems and the development of student food literacy.
  4. Enhance school and community connectedness.
  5. Develop promising Farm to School practice models that are sustainable, self-financing, eco-friendly and have the potential to be implemented elsewhere.