Partner Grants

Welcome to our list of funding opportunities for your farm to school initiatives! These funding opportunities are from partners. If you are interested in Farm to School BC specific grants, please visit here.

Please note the following:

  • Many of the grants listed have specific application dates which you will need to confirm on the funder’s website
  • To confirm if the funding opportunity is a good fit for your initiative we recommend you contact the funder directly
  • If you aren’t a registered charity, you may be able to partner with one to be eligible for funding
  • Our list isn’t exhaustive, new funding opportunities emerge frequently, and funding opportunities will also change/terminate over time, so if you find a funding program that isn’t on our list, or that no longer provides funding to environmental education initiatives, please let us know at


Breakfast Club of Canada

Whether it involves establishing a new breakfast program or strengthening an existing one, the Breakfast Club of Canada provides schools with the necessary funds, kitchen equipment, training, tools and food donations to make it happen. They listen to schools and help them build a breakfast program tailored to their students’ needs and adapted to fit their specific realities, including space scheduling issues.


BC Dairy Association Mini-Grants

Every year, BC Dairy farmers fund Mini Food Grants to support teachers using BC Dairy food and nutrition education programs in their classrooms. BC Dairy awards teachers with Mini Food Grants of $150 to purchase food for enhancing nutrition education efforts in the classroom. It’s wonderful to see how teachers find simple, yet creative, ways to inspire students to develop healthier eating habits.


BC Hydro Grants for Community Groups

BC Hydro provides an essential service by supplying electricity to the people and businesses of this province. But they also believe in doing more than that. They accept funding applications for eligible organizations to develop new or expand existing programs that align with one or more of their three focus areas: a) Building the STEM workforce of tomorrow, b) Safety education, and c) Developing a clean and sustainable future.


Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network

Members of the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) have access to a database of over 100 environmental education funding opportunities.


Co-op Community Spaces Funding

Community Spaces was developed to support projects in the communities across Western Canada in which we live, work and operate. Projects can apply for between $25,000 and $150,000 in capital funding in three categories: recreation, environmental conservation, and urban agriculture. 


Farm To Cafeteria Canada Grants

Available to Canadian K-12 schools. Delivered directly to schools, the grants apply a farm to school (also referred to as Local Food to School*) approach to bring more local food into schools where it is featured in a meal service, such as a salad bar, that allows students to build their own bowls or create their own plates. Grant value is up to $10,000 over 2 years.


Go Grants

GO Grants provide field trip grants for British Columbia K-12 classes and schools to help get students outdoors to learn about B.C.’s fish, wildlife, habitats and biodiversity. GO Grants cover transportation, project materials and or program fees to support student learning and connecting in nature.


Honda Foundation

Supports people and organizations that focus on the Foundation’s four pillars: Family, Environment, Engineering, and Education.


Metro Vancouver Agriculture Awareness Grants

Metro Vancouver supports agriculture awareness by providing funding grants to community organizations to educate the public about local food and agricultural production. Grants are open to non-profit organizations that meet the eligibility criteria.


Neighbourhood Small Grants

Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) provide grants of up to $500 for projects that connect people socially or promote skill-sharing with each other. The program is distributed in eight regions across the province. If your project involves skill-sharing, you may pay out an honorarium of up to $350.


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant

The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education and green space programs.