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Farm to School BC Grants FAQs

Have a question that’s not listed below? Reach out to our Grants Coordinator, Roanne Whitticase: grants@nullfarmtoschoolbc.ca

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Does my school need to be located in a regional hub?

No, any K-12 school located in the province of B.C. may apply.


Can we apply if we are a private school?

Yes, all K-12 schools are eligible for funding, as long as you are located in the province of B.C.


Can a daycare apply for funding?

Unfortunately, we do not currently fund daycare institutions.


Can a community partner or school district apply for the grant?

No, we ask that the school that will be funded apply for the grant themselves. A community organization can partner on an application or project, and a school district can be involved, but the funds will be allocated to the school.


How do I know if I have been funded before?

If you are unsure if your school previously received a Farm to School BC grant, please contact the Grants Coordinator at grants@nullfarmtoschoolbc.ca


How do I know if I can apply for another grant if we have recently received a F2SBC grant?

If you have received a $1,000 (previously referred to as Scale-up) grant in the past you are no longer eligible for a $1,00 but can apply for a $3,000 grant.

If you have received a $3,000 (previously referred to as Start-up) grant in the past you are no longer eligible for a $3,000 grant but can apply for a $1,000 grant

If you have received either a 1k or 3K grant you are eligible to apply for the other as long as your final report has been submitted and approved by the F2SBC grants coordinator.


Are we able to make changes to our budget after receiving the funds?

Yes, if there are changes that need to be made to your project budget, we are always supportive. We do ask that you contact us if the budget will be altered by more than $500 from the original plan, and may require you to submit a new budget plan.


Do I have a Farm to School Community Animator to support our school?

Farm to School currently has 8 Regional Hubs across the province. Please visit our Regional Hub page to see if your school district is within one of our hubs. If so, please reach out to your corresponding Community Animator for support!


What is the difference between the support received if we are in a Regional Hub vs. if we are outside of a Regional Hub?

Schools within a regional hub are encouraged to connect with their regional community animator for project and educator support. You can connect with your corresponding Regional Animator at https://farmtoschoolbc.ca/about-us/regional-hubs/

If you are outside of a regional hub, please reach out to our grants coordinator at grants@nullfarmtoschoolbc.ca with questions and requests.


What are the timelines of your grant?

Our grants are annual and launch every October with grants being awarded in December and funds being released in the new year.



F2SBC Grants Applications are closed.
Stay tuned for the 2024-2025 Cycle!

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