Spring Celebration Awards Nominations

Award Descriptions:

Pollinators such as bees, wasps, flies, beetles, butterflies, moths, bats, and birds, are an integral part of our food system! Pollinators transfer pollen within and between flowers, resulting in the production of seeds and fruits; roughly 80% of all flowering plant species are pollinated by insects and other animals. In addition to the foods we eat, pollinators play an important role in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems that clean our air and water, nourish our soils, and support other wildlife.

The Pollinator Award

The Farm to School BC Pollinator Award recognizes Farm to School programs and school teams who act as pollinators within their community: buzzing around their gardens, kitchens and classrooms to build healthy food systems, transferring and sharing knowledge, fostering thriving learning environments, and supporting the development of young healthy “seeds”, who will grow up to one day offer the fruits of their labour back to the environment and community.

The First Annual Pollinator Award recipient will exemplify the four Farm to School pillars: healthy, local food in the bellies of students; hands-on experiential learning in the garden, kitchen or community; school and community connectedness; and supporting sustainable regional food systems. (See https://farmtoschoolbc.ca/three-core-elements/ for more detailed description of these F2S pillars).

Do you know, or are you part of, a school team who pollinates knowledge, food, and good health in and around your community? Nominate them for this year’s first annual Pollinator Award!

Vancouver Regional Hub: Additional Awards

Bees are major pollinators in BC; in addition to the Western domesticated honey bee, there are well over 450 species of native bees in BC, from bumble bees and mason bees, to sweat bees, leaf cutting bees, miner bees, and more!

In addition to the main Pollinator Award, these Vancouver-specific awards recognize the hundreds of busy bees who are contributing to healthy, local school food systems in our region. Thank you for the work that you do!

Mason Bee Award:

Are you recognizing the ecosystems that have thrived in this region for millennia? Are you working to indigenize your school food system and the way you interact with plants around your school? The Mason Bee Award celebrates school teams or F2S programs that demonstrate a meaningful resurgence of Indigenous food systems and pedagogies at schools across the Vancouver Area.

Eager Bee Award:

Are you relatively new to F2S? Has your team bravely stepped from their hive and taken their first flight into the garden without looking back? The Eager Bee Award acknowledges and celebrates the most enthusiastic F2S start-up project over the past 1.5 years in the Vancouver Area.

Queen Bee Award:

Are you thinking outside the hive? Is your F2S team demonstrating flexibility or creativity in their garden, cooking, or learning programs that makes them stand out from the crowd? The Queen Bee Award celebrates teams who have built an original and unique project, showcasing their creativity and flair in their school garden or F2S program.

Farm to School call for nominations for 2018 Awards is now open.  The deadline for submissions is April 29. Winners to be announced at respective F2S Spring Celebrations

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