Spring Celebration Awards Nominations

Award Description:

Pollinators such as bees, wasps, flies, beetles, butterflies, moths, bats, and birds, are an integral part of our food system! Pollinators transfer pollen within and between flowers, resulting in the production of seeds and fruits; roughly 80% of all flowering plant species are pollinated by insects and other animals. In addition to the foods we eat, pollinators play an important role in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems that clean our air and water, nourish our soils, and support other wildlife.

The Pollinator Award

The Farm to School BC Pollinator Award recognizes Farm to School programs and school teams who act as pollinators within their community: buzzing around their gardens, kitchens and classrooms to build healthy food systems, transferring and sharing knowledge, fostering thriving learning environments, and supporting the development of young healthy “seeds”, who will grow up to one day offer the fruits of their labour back to the environment and community.

The Second Annual Pollinator Award recipient will exemplify the three Farm to School pillars: healthy, local food in the bellies of students; hands-on experiential learning in the garden, kitchen or community; and school and community connectedness. (See https://farmtoschoolbc.ca/three-core-elements/ for more detailed description of these F2S pillars).

Pollinator award nominees will:

  • Encourage schools to source local food in a variety of ways (e.g. direct farmer relationships, food distributors, schoolyard farms, or the harvesting of wild or traditional foods)
  • Teach food literacy in meaningful ways (e.g. learning about food in a kitchen, greenhouse, or on a field trip)
  • Integrate community knowledge into their school

Do you know, or are you part of, a school team who pollinates knowledge, food, and good health in and around your community? Nominate the team for this year’s second annual Pollinator Award!

Farm to School call for nominations for 2019 Awards are now closed.  The deadline for submissions was Friday, May 3, 2019. Winners were announced at their respective F2S Spring Celebrations.

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