Seed Pen Pal Project

Seed Pen Pal Exchange

Farm to School BC invites your class to participate in our first Seed Pen Pal Exchange project!

How It Works

Get Matched: We will use the form below to connect you with another class in BC with a school garden.

Happy Exchange: In April, you will send your “pen pal” class a letter and seeds and receive the same in return!

Stay In Touch: In June, you will send and receive a garden update from your pen pal.

F2SBC Support: We’ll provide some guidelines for a successful pen pal exchange, and be here to support you along the way! We will also provide a printable class activity for each pen pal exchange to further class engagement and enhance learning outcomes from participation in the project.

Program Expectations

  • Send two (or more) seed packets plus a thoughtful letter from your whole class to your pen pal class in April.
  • Plant the seeds you receive from your pen pal class this spring growing season in your school garden.
  • Send another collaborative class letter to your pen pal with an update on your school garden in June.


Sign Up for the Seed Pen Pal Exchange!

General Information

Quick Questions (Optional)

This will help us ensure seed diversity when pairing you with another school.
You will be expected to send a letter and seeds to EACH school you match with.
Happy Exchange: If you give to three schools you will receive from three schools.