Farm to School Scale Up Grant

Farm to School BC Scale-Up Grants

Farm to School BC Scale-Up Grants

Amount: Up to $1,000

Deadline: Closed for 2021. Our next granting cycle opens in fall 2022. 

Farm to School BC Scale-Up Grants are for schools with existing farm to school programs that want to build upon their farm to school vision. These grants are the smaller of the two grants offered by Farm to School BC and are ideal for schools that received a Farm to School BC Start-Up Grant in the past and would like additional support to sustain their projects.

Scale-Up Grants can be used in a variety of farm to school activities including In the Garden, On the Land, In the Classroom, and In the Kitchen. This may include foraging local food, cooking activities, farm field trips, indoor growing spaces, and much more. For more farm to school program ideas, click here.

You may apply for a maximum of $1,000 to scale up your farm to school program. The amount granted will be dependent on the scope of the proposed program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a K-12 school located in British Columbia. 
  • If you have previously received a Farm to School BC Start-up Grant, then you must have completed your final report and submitted financials before applying for a Scale-Up Grant.
  • Applicants located in a Farm to School BC Regional Hub are encouraged to connect with their Regional Community Animator to discuss their project before applying.
  • Applicants from rural/remote and First Nations schools are encouraged to apply.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Previous or current Farm to School BC Scale-Up grant recipient.
  • Previous or current recipient of a Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s Salad Bar Grant.
  • A potential applicant for the Farm to Cafeteria Canada grant (opens November 2021 – for more information click here).


  • Closed for 2021. Our next granting cycle opens in fall 2022. 

Before proceeding further, please ensure you have the following files:

  1. Scale-Up Grant Application Form (for reference). Questions listed in this application form will be asked during the online application. We recommend that you review or complete these questions before starting the online application. 
  2. Program Budget Form for Grant (required). You will be required to upload a completed version of this budget form for your project during the online application. 

To help you with pricing estimates and budgeting for your project, please refer to our Farm to School BC Budget Calculator.

Submit Your Scale-Up Grant Application – CLOSED


For further questions please contact

About Farm to School BC

Farm to School BC is a program that brings local and sustainable food into schools across British Columbia and provides students with hands-on learning opportunities that develop food literacy, all while strengthening the local food system and enhancing school and community connectedness.

Farm to school activities differ by school, but always include the following three elements:

  1. Sustainable, Local Food
  2. Hands-on Learning
  3. School & Community Connectedness

Farm to School BC is a program of the Public Health Association of BC and is supported by the Province of British Columbia and the Provincial Health Services Authority.

Farm to School BC is organized into seven Regional Hubs, each coordinated by a local Community Animator, advised by an Advisory Committee, and supported by a network of stakeholders.