School Garden


Green Thumbs at School: SPEC Food Garden Lesson Book

Developed by Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), this book contains 9 food garden ecology lessons for educators and information on how to start your own school garden to help kids learn about how the sun, water and soil connect with plants, people and our planet.


Starting a Schoolyard Market Garden – An Implementation & Resource Guide

Developed by the Edible Garden Project from North Shore Neighbourhood House, this resource guide complements the Fresh roots Growing Neighbours Case Study and is intended to assist community organizations and school communities to navigate the development of a schoolyard market garden.


School Year Gardens – A Toolkit for high Schools to Grow food from September to June

The School Year Garden Toolkit, written by Paris Marshall Smith and Arzeena Hamir helps garden coordinators to select, plant and harvest vegetables during the school year. Tips on where to source materials, how to plan for summer care, and lesson plans are also included.

Find this resource and other excellent information on the Richmond Food Security Society website.


Additional Resources