Farm to School BC Network

Administered by the Public Health Association of BC and in collaboration with community partners, the Farm to School BC Network provides a framework that helps to unite the incredible work that is happening across the province to bring healthy, local and sustainable food, and food literacy-based experiential learning into BC schools.

The Farm to School BC Network spans across the province, promoting, supporting and linking Farm to School activities at multiple levels:


We are connected to the Farm to School movement through Farm to Cafeteria Canada‘s National Farm to School Network, as well as the Coalition for Healthy School Food through Food Secure Canada. We are also connected with the US National Farm to School Network and the Farm to School Networks of the western states of Washington, Oregon and California.


Farm to School BC connects with other partners involved in promoting and supporting Comprehensive School Health including Healthy Schools BC, DASH BC, and the work of the BC Food Systems Network.

Farm to School BC maintains a comprehensive e-platform to share knowledge, information and resources among network members. Network members connect to Farm to School BC through our seasonal Farm to School BC newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts as well as through our website.

When funding is available, Farm to School BC provides school-based Farm to School grant funding and works with regions around the province in the development of Farm to School Regional Hubs.


F2SBC Health Region Leads Network

Farm to School BC Health Region Leads are individuals identified by the health authority that they work for as the lead contact for Farm to School. In most cases, the Farm to School BC Health Region leads are public health dietitians who stay connected to provincial and national Farm to School activity and help to communicate Farm to School information, ideas, resources and tools to community contacts and key stakeholders in their region. In some cases, a Health Region Lead may have a hands-on role in inspiring and supporting local Farm to School programs. The network of Health Region Leads meet quarterly by teleconference.

F2SBC Regional Hubs Community Animator Network

Each of the Farm to School BC Regional Hubs (Capital, Kamloops, Nanaimo-North, Northwest, Surrey, and Vancouver) has a part-time Community Animator that supports the development of their hub.

F2S Regional Hub Networks

Each of the Farm to School BC Regional Hubs has a listserv to keep everyone informed of upcoming events and activities, regular learning circles, and a quarterly newsletter highlighting activities in each hub.

F2SBC Regional Non-Profits Network

There are dozens of regional non-profits across the province who are working to support schools in the areas of increasing access to healthy, local and sustainable foods as well as providing experiential hands-on learning opportunities for students related to food literacy. This network provides an opportunity for these regional non-profits to connect, share and learn from one another. This network meets three times a year by teleconference.


F2SBC School Communities Network

Schools and their communities who are engaged in Farm to School activities connect regularly with their local Animator.