In the Kitchen


Program ideas for the kitchen

Inviting your class into the kitchen takes some extra time to prepare, but once routines are established, cooking can be the highlight of the week for some students. Learning life skills like how to use a knife, bake healthy snacks, and gain confidence in the kitchen is important for anyone to learn…let alone teaching the curriculum and bringing fractions to life with measuring cups!

Some program ideas include:

  • Making baked goods and selling them at a school bake sale
  • Preserving your school garden harvest by freezing
  • Harvest fresh greens from your school garden and making fresh salads
  • Visiting the local farmers’ market and creating a meal with produce purchased there
  • Preparing fresh smoothies and offering them as breakfast or snack
  • Hosting a regular school salad bar
  • Dehydrating apples and offering them as snacks to students in your class

Connecting to Curriculum

Lesson Plans

  • Farming Root Vegetables – coming soon!

Resources to get you started

Farm to School BC Resources

Partner Resources