Healthy School Food Environment

Creating a healthy eating environment at school and in your classroom is not just about the programs, it is about creating a positive environment around food. This lays the foundation for a healthy relationship with food.

What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating comprises a pattern of eating that contributes to achieving the best health possible through positive relationships with food and diverse, balanced food choices that meet a person’s needs for nutrients and energy.

According to the Vancouver Coastal Health website, “Schools play a key role in shaping children’s eating attitudes and behaviours and help lay the foundation for a healthy relationship with food. Students do best when they have role models, and when foods offered both in and outside the classrooms are consistent with healthy eating messages.” Educators are a large part of how children learn to think and feel about school. Read this page to see specific resources for educators from VCH.

Review this healthy school environment assessment to see how the environment can be improved at your school.

Provincial dietitians have created valuable resources, including resources for at home food preparation during COVID and schools. Here are some important documents and webinars about food preparation in schools with COVID protocols in mind, and how to support healthy eating in schools:

F2SBC Webinar:

Supporting Healthy Eating at School

F2SBC Webinar:

Connecting around Food during COVID-19: Nutrition Education Home and School Learning Opportunities

Exploring food: COVID-19 Home Learning Lesson plans and resources Food-based Learning during COVID


Check your local health authority website for the most up-to-date regulations of food in schools.

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