Farm to School BC Grant Final Report

Farm to School BC Grant Final Report

Thank you for taking the time to complete your Farm to School BC grant final report. Information from your report will be used by Farm to School BC, a healthy eating program administered by the Public Health Association of BC to better understand the needs and opportunities of your projects and to promote the overall program. We sincerely appreciate your time and input!

Final report due: Sunday, June 26, 2022

Who is required to complete a final report?

  • Farm to School BC Start-Up and Scale-Up grantees who have completed their projects (at least one year after receiving funding).
  • Farm to School BC Start-Up and Scale-Up grantees who have not previously submitted a final report.

Time estimated to complete this report: 20 – 30 minutes

Supporting files required to complete this report:

  1. At least two (2) photos with appropriate photo consent*
  2. Completed financial statement form

*Please note that photo consent is NOT required if the student/guardian has already signed photo consent that allows the school to share student photos with non-profit partners. By submitting photos, you confirm that we have permission to share and use photos for program promotion purposes.


Please ensure that you have all the necessary documents and photos ready before beginning as you will not be able to save your progress if you close the window during the online reporting.

Before proceeding further, please ensure you have reviewed the following documents. We recommend that you review and complete these forms before starting the online application. 

  1. Grant Final Report Form Questions (for reference). Questions listed in this document will be asked in the online reporting form 
  2. Final Report Financial Statement (required).  You will be required to upload a completed version of this financial statement form during the online application. 

Please note that you are able to go back and forth between the application pages by pressing the “back” and “next” buttons located at the bottom of the screen. However, if you close the window, your progress will not be saved. We encourage you to review and complete all forms before submitting your final report online.


For questions, please contact Marcus Lobb at


Submit your final report here



Farm to School BC is a program of the Public Health Association of BC (PHABC) is a voluntary, non-profit, non-government, member-driven organization that provides leadership to promote health, well-being and social equity. PHABC champions Farm to School BC, a healthy eating program for K-12 students with an expanding provincial network, boasting support from dozens of NGO members and supporting 200+ Farm to School BC programs in urban, rural, remote, and Indigenous communities throughout the province. Farm to School BC brings healthy, local and sustainable food into schools and provides students with hands-on learning opportunities that develop food literacy, all while strengthening the local food system and enhancing school and community connectedness.

Farm to School BC is supported by the Province of British Columbia and the Provincial Health Services Authority.