School Garden Crop Planning Guide

School Garden Crop Planning Guide

Looking for a guide to help you plan your school garden? Farm to School BC has developed a crop planning guide for school gardens that shifts traditional planting times to align with the school year, focusing on a spring and fall harvest while minimizing work in July and August. This helpful guide, developed in partnership with West Coast Seeds, provides region-specific garden planting timelines for coastal, south-central, and northern British Columbia. 

The varieties of crops listed in this chart work well in school gardens, but there are many other varieties that may work better in your area. Talk to your local growers for their feedback, and be open to experimenting with your class. If you do choose another variety, adjust the planting dates based on its days to maturity (which will be listed on the seed package). You can also adjust the harvest dates by changing when crops are planted to suit your needs.

Included in the planning guide is a fourth, empty tab for you to keep track of your own planting and harvest dates. We would love to know how this tool works for your school! Email Addie at to share your final 2021 garden chart. 

Access the Crop Planning Guide here!

Please note that this document is continuously being updated. Check back from time to time for the most up-to-date version.

Thank you to the following organizations for helping fine-tune these planting dates:

  • Coastal BC: Rockridge Secondary (West Vancouver)
  • South-Central BC: Arthur Hatton Elementary (Kamloops)
  • Northern BC: Farmer Cam’s Foods, Cam Bell (Terrace), Groundbreakers (Smithers)

This guide also was created with support from: