Regional Non-Profits Network & List

There are dozens of regional non-profits across the province who are working to support schools in the areas of increasing access to healthy, local and sustainable foods as well as providing experiential hands-on learning opportunities for students related to food literacy.

Farm to School BC – Regional Non-Profits List

In an effort to make it easy for schools to know what community resources are available to them in their region, we have the beginnings of a directory below. As we all know, BC is a large province that will have regions that have far fewer resources available to them than others. We are aware that by listing resources available within the Northern Health that it won’t be overly useful for schools who are great distances away from urban centres where many of the resource exits. We do however hope that this list will provide a starting point and that it will continue to grow and evolve. Please be in contact to let us know if you have additional information to include.