Farm to Cafeteria Canada

Farm to Cafeteria Canada is a pan-Canadian organization that educates, builds capacity, strengthens partnerships, and influences policy to bring local, healthy, and sustainable foods into all public institutions. Farm to School, Farm to Campus, and Farm to Healthcare are all a part of the national farm to cafeteria dialogue. Farm to Cafeteria Canada is amplifying efforts right across Canada to realize vibrant and sustainable regional food systems that support the health of people, place and planet.

Farm to Cafeteria Canada is the lead national agency in Canada that is championing the establishment, evaluation, and linking of Farm to School activity from coast to coast to coast. Farm to Cafeteria Canada works closely with principal partner organizations like the Public Health Association of BC who are championing Farm to School activity at provincial levels. National Farm to School momentum was recently given a significant boost when Farm to Cafeteria Canada partnered with the Public Health Association of British Columbia, Sustain Ontario, the Whole Kids Foundation and the Social Planning and Research Foundation to deliver a new national Farm to School grant program. The aim of this grant program is to advance growing, procuring, and serving local foods in a salad bar service in BC and ON schools.

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